ARBD Research

Invitation to participate in an ARBD study

Focusing on the identification of frontal lobe damage and the dysexecutive syndrome.


When an individual with possible frontal lobe damage struggles to perform everyday life-tasks (e.g., cooking or managing finances) but appears unimpaired by performing well in interviews (during e.g., mental capacity assessments) and when completing traditional screening/assessment tools, this is known as the “frontal lobe paradox” or the “knowing-doing dissociation”.

This study will investigate service providers experiences of the “frontal lobe paradox” when working with individuals who have a diagnosis of, or are suspected of having Alcohol-Related Brain Damage.

Who can participate in this research?

Anyone who have professional experience of working with individuals who have a diagnosis, or suspected diagnosis, of ARBD. It would also be beneficial to have some knowledge or experience regarding the screening/assessment of ARBD or acquired brain injuries, but this is not a requirement.

What does participation involve?

First, you would take part in an online-interview (taking approx. 1 hour) where you would be asked questions focused on your work-role and about your experiences of the “frontal lobe paradox”. Later, you would be asked to complete a few online survey-rounds (max. 3, each taking less than 30 minutes) to state how much you agree with anonymised statements gathered from all participant interviews. The aim is to find out the level of the group-agreement regarding these statements. You would be able to complete each study-part at a time that suits you best.

Please contact if you are interested in participating and want more information.

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