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In collaboration with the Addictions Research Group at the University of South Wales, the Alcohol Care Team at Sandwell and West-Birmingham NHS Trust are performing a national ARBD service mapping and care provision exercise. We aim to improve our understanding of the current levels of care provided for those living with ARBD, but also to facilitate relationships between healthcare professionals and raise awareness of ARBD, more generally. To help with this work, please complete the Microsoft forms survey via the following link:  or scan the QR code below

This survey will request information about the service you work in and its current status surrounding assessment, diagnosis and management of ARBD.

For more information about the survey or the Addictions Research Group at the University of South Wales please get in contact via or

To learn more about a tiered ARBD training package for healthcare professionals developed by the Addictions Research Group at the University of South Wales, please click on the following link:


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ARBD ACUK Conference October

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Examination of reasoning (dysexecutive syndrome)

Executive dysfunction and cognition


Warning signs, recognition and diagnosis

Adult safeguarding and alcohol-dependence

Alcohol and the brain

ARBD – Management and Progress Through Recovery

ARBD and the law – is it any good?

Cognitive Impairment

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